In the rolling landscape that is so typical of the Wange area, the villages still bear poetic and intriguing names: Neerwinden, Wommersom, Hakendover, Overhespen, … Here, far away from the daily hustle and bustle, you can enjoy peace and tranquillity. The Kasteelhoeve itself lies at the end of a dead-end cobbled road, in a bend of the river Kleine Gete, just across a bridge. A natural spring rises in the courtyard. A fourteen-hectare domain of meadows with ponds, streams and bushes surrounds the farm and is grazed by a large herd of horses.

Nature is omnipresent. Swallows nestle under the large entrance gate and on summer evenings, dozens of them skim across the inner courtyard. You can often hear the twittering of a large colony of rooks in the nearby poplar forest. Owls nest in the farm’s old barn and can be heard on autumn evenings. A herd of roe deer regularly moves across the domain and in the meadows you can find their hiding places. Foxes, martens, hares, herons and buzzards find a place to live here as well.

This connection with nature is carried through in the way we run our establishment. As a guest, you share in the philosophy of the Kasteelhoeve. By taking responsibility for food and drinks, room distribution or their own activities, our guests are brought closer together.