Sessions 'Learning with horses'

The Kasteelhoeve is also home to Kheiron, the equine organisation that uses horses to stimulate learning processes in people. These range from pleasant connecting experiences to clarifying instructive sessions.

By bike, Vespa or covered wagon

Experience the undulating Hageland, on the border of Limburg and Flemish Brabant, on a bicycle or Vespa. An adventurous trip with horse and covered wagon is possible as well.

The Wilderen Brewery

The village of Wilderen near St. Truiden is home to a brewery and alcohol distillery from 1890. Enjoy their homemade beers and jenevers on the sun-drenched terrace.


The battles of Neerwinden

The bloody battles of 1693, 1705 and 1793 that occurred around the Kasteelhoeve defined our history. Frenchmen, Germans, Englishmen, Dutchmen and Spaniards ... they all lost their lives here. Willem of Orange even spent a night at the Kasteelhoeve. On one of the walks we offer, our guide brings these historical scenes back to life.

Hiking trails nearby

• Nature reserve Het Vinne in Zoutleeuw
• Nature and recreation area De Beemden in Landen
• Nieuwenhoven forest (20km)
• The Laar Walk: 14,5 km (indicated)
• The shortened Laar Walk: 5 km (partly indicated, partly on map)
• Hiking trail around the domain: 2.5 km

Nocturnal interactive storytelling walk

In the evening, a storyteller takes visitors around the domain and tells old stories from the Hageland, replete with witches, werewolves, and Alvermen ... maybe you'll even get to see them! This mysterious world is a fun experience for young and old.


Relax in the sauna

As a guest at Kasteelhoeve Wange, you are welcome tot use our sauna. An extra treat to help guests completely relax.

Tree climbing

Swing in a tree like a monkey, who wouldn't want to experience that? Tree climbing is suitable for children, adults, companies, teambuilding, services, schools, ... It's literally a ground-breaking, thrilling, educational and fun activity! Experiential learning? Ideal with tree climbing!

Donkey tours Den Dolaard

Den Dolaard organizes educational walking tours with donkeys for anyone interested. The starting point is always the old farm located at the Zwartaardeweg in Zoutleeuw, at the rear of the Vinne, the largest natural inland lake in Flanders.


Nature walk in the Valley of the Little Gete

The valley of the Kleine Gete (Little Gete) is a beautiful green spot that is home to, among others, the Via Longa, the old Roman road. On this walk of about two to four hours, visitors can in some places look as far as they can without seeing any sign of human presence.

Fruitbeeldige kunst- en zintuigenroutes in het Hageland

Een kunstzinnig belevingsparcours door het bloesemlandschap dat je inspireert en verbaast. Vertrek vanuit de Kasteelhoeve en laat je verrassen door kunstwerken onderweg die zich lieten inspireren door onze fruitstreek.

Historisch wandeltraject 'De Getevallei'

Sinds eind 2018 is er door Regionaal Landschap en Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant het nieuwe wandelknooppuntennetwerk ‘de Getevallei’ ontsloten: 250 km wandelplezier in Oost-Hageland, door de velden, over oude historische wegen met prachtige vergezichten! De rivier de Gete vormt de geografische grens met Haspengouw. De Getevallei vormt een prachtig, groen lint met een grote natuurwaarde. In het kader van de verdere ontwikkeling van het wandelaanbod in de Getevallei herstelde de Stad Landen in samenwerking met de aangelande landbouwers en Kasteelhoeve Wange een historisch wandeltraject, met start op de parking van de Kasteelhoeve.



Ontdek de wereld van de bijen op de Kasteelhoeve! Lokale imkers, die onze bijen verzorgen, geven enthousiast hun kennis over de bijen aan onze gasten door. Je komt er alles te weten over honingraten, broedkasten, slingeren, de koningin en haar werksters en waarom bijen toch zo belangrijk zijn voor ons allemaal. En als kers op de taart mag je je vinger ook werkelijk in de honing doppen. Een aanrader! Deze rondleiding is mogelijk tussen 1 april en 30 september.

Caves of Folx-les-Caves

These marl caves are located in Walloon Brabant on a stone's throw from Wange. They are old mining caves, carved by human hand; they cover no less than six hectares in area and can be up to 18 meters deep. Discover their fascinating history, from bomb shelter in wartime, to mushroom farm or religious place in more recent times.