About Kasteelhoeve Wange

Kasteelhoeve Wange... a place that returns to the essence

Here, you will find a unique location, a special place in nature at the end of a dead end road. A place of quietness, tranquillity and connection.
A place that returns to the essence.
A base and a starting point from where you can set out in the world again with renewed energy or knowledge... by following a course or a workshop, participating in a team event, celebrating an important event together or enjoying a holiday with friends and/or family.

Kasteelhoeve Wange...

» A place connected with the earth
» A place aimed at the future
» A place anchored in the past
» A place suited for organising training courses, workshops, team events, seminars and meetings
» A place to stay and be together with friends, family, ...
Eliksemstraat 26 • B-3400 Wange (Landen) • Tel.: 016/78 84 42 • Fax: 016/78 22 62 • info@kasteelhoevewange.be